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The restaurant has some specific requirements and contingencies that they take so that only true customers who go to their outlets can provide the survey feedback. This is because the details on the receipt will provide access to enter the survey forms.

A person can recall events in particular to the McDonald’s meals for about a week accurately. After one week of receipt, the same will not be applicable for feedback, or the coupon/reward marked on the receipt. Now, there are different kinds of receipts that the users receive at different outlets. Here are the steps for any customer to access the for feedback.

  1. After you enjoy the meal provided by McDonald’s at the restaurant or at home, you have to keep the receipt ready.
  2. Access the official website for McDvoices.
  3. There are the different receipt and we mainly categorize them as “With the 26 digit code” and “Without 26-digit code”
  4. Your login to the system will be dependent on these two types of receipts.
  5. If you have a valid receipt with the 26 digit code;
  6. You will see the page where you have to enter the 26 digits from your valid receipt. The code will be visible under the heading “Survey Code” in the top segment of the receipt.
  7. Enter the digits appropriately and then select the “Start” tab there.
  8. The system will verify this and directly take you to the feedback questionnaire.
  9. Read all the questions and answer them according to your experience.
  10. If you do not have the 26-digit code on the valid receipt then follow the following procedure.
  11. Your receipt will have other details using which you can access the feedback forms. Simply, click on “Do not have 26-digit survey code…” tab.
  12. A new login page will appear where you will have to fill in other details from the receipt. You need to provide; Store, Date & time of visit, Order and the amount spent like a total of the bill.
  13. The system will verify the details of the receipt and grant you the feedback form for filing online.
  14. After completing the survey, you will get your coupon code number.

What is McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Customer satisfaction has always been a very important aspect of McDonald’s. They give utmost importance to customer satisfaction and regularly take feedback from customers to make sure that each and every customer who visit McDonald’s, no matter in which part of the world, has a positive and friendly experience in their outlet.

In earlier times, McDonald’s used to take customer feedback by requesting them to fill in a feedback form available in every McDonald’s outlet across the globe. The feedback form filled by the customer could either be submitted to the cash counter or could be put inside a feedback form box that was present in every McDonald’s around the world.

Times have changed and today technology is at the forefront of almost every sector. To cope up with the change in the way we interact and provide feedback for services, McDonald’s has introduced the McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey and tellthebell survey which helps users to easily submit their feedback about the McDonald’s branch that they visited and the food that was offered to them.

The McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey helps every user to easily leave feedback about McDonald’s right from their Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. It also helps McDonald’s in getting feedback from more number of customers as more customers will be interested in taking part in the virtual McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey rather than filling out some survey form.

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