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How has Deb Schlouch’s art affected your life?

Wade Smith:
“It is…words fail me…truly a work of art.
I enjoy starting my day studying the individual objects in the copper. My favorite is the ‘Rising Sun.’ It always makes me smile! I feel fortunate to have it in my home.
I am afraid I will never be able to sell the house. Perhaps I could remove the wall the back splash is attached to and take it with me.”
Val Bertoia:
“So inspiring! Every time I look at this painting I have a different perception about it. One day, I called it Snake River because of the ‘S’ pattern (a yellow trail) around pink dots.
Then I looked at it another way, always in tune with my projects of the day. This time, it was a happy sine wave of electricity that charges me up like a solar battery.
And the best yet is the dance through obstacles! With great agility, I go from this side to that side in a consistent rhythm. It is indeed the pathway of success to keep me inspired in life.”
Sheila Adams:
“We currently own ‘Skeyescrapers’ and ‘Ocean Pearls – Together is Best.’ I am so drawn to your talent! I love the vibrant colors and the themes you use. Eyes represent so many things: a gateway to the soul, watchfulness, intimacy, connectedness, etc. This allows for many interpretations of an individual piece.
To me, having a piece of your art is like having a piece of your imagination hanging on my wall. It makes collecting your works so exciting and rewarding.
And, to quote my husband, “a wall is just a wall until you put art on it.”
Dianne Lutz:
“Deb’s work is inspiring and reflective at the same time. Her designs complement a myriad of decorating possibilities. I find that, regardless of the setting in which her work is placed, it draws much attention and thought.
Deb’s creations are very imaginative and unique and hold profound artistic appeal regardless of time or place. I am thrilled with her work!”
Don Swasing:
“Deb, for me your art in the office has a calming effect.
It removes the sterility of an office environment and adds warmth…
Because I know you personally…I also see your work as ‘your spirit’s shadow’…subtle, but always there.”
Philadelphia University students:
“Deb is a very talented artist, and her painting was lovely and soothing to the eye.
I found myself glancing numerous times over at Deb’s painting while listening to Barry speak because the creativity was amazing and it definitely was out of the ordinary.”
Bev Boyer:
“After one of those knuckle-dragging days at work, the kind where you leave feeling the weight of the world and wondering whether your best will be enough to make any difference, your art is waiting for me. I can get lost in it long enough to relax, recharge and remember that sometimes hope is enough to keep us all moving forward.
Deb’s art abstractly magnifies the beauty that she sees in the simplest of things that might have otherwise gone unnoticed…it is insightful with messages that we are all connected in our experiences and purposes.”