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studio floor

Welcome to My World!

Visitors to our home and office always comment on the artistic decor – the paintings, the colors, and the little touches that makes everything special. My studio is a physical place, but it is more than a location in our home, my studio is my home and it is everywhere I go. I take it with me in my heart on all my journeys.

Today, I use acrylic paints and mediums, but as a toddler, my very first painting was created using Avon lipstick stacks to paint on the bathtub, sink, walls and of course me! Sorry, no photos available of this momentous event so you’ll just have to use your imagination. Trees are the first images I recall drawing. Void of leaves, I saw the beauty of their structure and have always felt great respect for their energy and strength. From trees, I leaped to ships with massive sails, doodling everywhere and then to poetry in my teenage years. Here is an excerpt of a poem:

“How far can one go
Before he learns
Where he must begin
To lead astray the monotonous
Way of life
And welcome in a new,
Beautiful and unending life?”

Thank goodness I answered that one, have you?

When our kids were grown, painting found me again in the early 1990’s, this time with watercolors, oil pastels, oils, then acrylics. Acrylic paints allow me the freedom to paint like that toddler with those lipstick stacks, still dancing and laughing all the time.

Poems still arise, collecting on the ends of my paintbrush like a magnet. Some are inspired by the paintings in process, others just because. Often times, more paintings and poems are inspired. Hmmm, I seem to be going in Circles (Blue, Red) here!

Enjoy your time here, let me know where you go when gaze at my art, and please visit often!