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traveling exhibit

“The River” Traveling Exhibit

Consisting of 11 diverse East Coast artists, we are Separate, Yet Part of the Whole. Based on the theme of “The River,” our interpretations materialized in paintings, photography, pottery, sculpture, art quilts, and poetry.

The exhibition opened in the Boyer Gallery at The Hill School in Pottstown, PA. We were graced with many visitors including The Hill School’s History of Art & Music students who chose one artwork to review. Here are some of their reviews:

She Gently Curves

  • …it feels like all of the little streams are joined together to form a whole. This could be a metaphor for the world, because we are all here and the world wouldn’t be the same without one of us.
  • I loved the softness and the energy mixture. It made me feel excited!…I love the fact that she put herself into the painting by adding her hand prints.

Just Beneath the Surface

  • As I searched for this paintings’ deeper meaning, I saw every separate eye as a separate point of view, almost like seeing something through someone else’s eyes.
  • I think that the artist wanted to show that everything is not what it seems, and that when you look at someone or something, you should not judge it based on the first look.
  • I feel like this (eyes) represents ignorance and how if one is ignorant to something they are lost…